For Students


Q. Why should I take college classes while I'm in high school?
It's an easy way to get a head start on your college education by taking college-level courses right in your high school classroom. Research has shown that students who participate in dual-enrollment courses:

  • increase the chance of having a successful first year of college
  • complete a bachelor's degree in a shorter period of time
  • are less likely to need remedial math or English courses

Q. Where do I take CHS courses?
Courses are taught by CHS Program certified high school teachers in the high school classroom. Course options vary by high school.

Q. How much does it cost to take a CHS course?
CHS courses cost much less than a regular college course would on our campus. At $125 per course, it's a great deal!

Q. How do I sign up to take a CHS course?
Your high school teacher will have applications and will explain the process each fall. If you enroll in a course, you will be a part-time non-matriculated student at the University of Pittsburgh. 2022-2023 Student Application

Q. How are CHS courses graded?
Your high school teachers will determine your grades based on your performance on assignments and exams that have been approved by the Pitt-Bradford faculty liaison for the course. Your grades will show on an official University of Pittsburgh transcript. If you attend any Pitt campus, the CHS grades will count toward your grade point average at Pitt.

Q. What if my high school also offers the Advanced Placement course?
If your high school offers the same course as Advanced Placement, you will have to decide which you want to do, you cannot do both.

Q. If I don't go to Pitt, can I transfer my credits to a different college or university?
Yes, you can. Most CHS courses are accepted at other colleges and universities, but it will depend on that school's policies and your major. You should check with the school you want to attend. To request your official transcript, you can visit this webpage: If you attend any Pitt campus, you will not need to request a transcript.


If you have other questions, you can check with your guidance counselor, one of your teachers or you may contact Ms. Jody Randolph, program coordinator, at