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  • “Interdisciplinary arts is a brilliant program, and the opportunities are endless.”

    Manu Gajanan, interdisciplinary arts major from Bradford, PA

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    Program Contact:  Anna Lemnitzer

    Are you passionate about art, music, theater, and writing?  If so, our Interdisciplinary Arts major is for you!

    You'll draw, paint, sculpt, and manipulate digital images.  You'll perform, study an instrument, and compose.  You'll act, create sets, and design theatrical productions. You'll write poetry or creative nonfiction, edit literary productions, and produce a newspaper.  Best of all, you'll investigate the fascinating ways that these disciplines interact. 

    When you graduate, you'll be prepared for several exciting careers in the arts.  You might become an arts journalist, a gallery or museum curator, or a talent manager.  You could direct a performing arts organization, or continue your studies in graduate school.  

    See what else you can do with a degree in Interdisciplinary Arts. Suggested 4-year plan of study.

    You can also visit the Interdisciplinary Arts website.

    Major Requirements:

    Select two arts areas from Art or Music or Theater or Writing (18 credits/discipline) 36 credits

    Total: 48

    The Art Requirements

    These courses would be required for all students with a Studio Art or Digital Graphic Design Focus. Students in either Studio Art or Digital Graphic Design cannot also receive a minor in the same area as their major.

    Studio Art Focus:


    One Studio course ANY level

    One upper level Studio course

    Total credits required for Studio Art: 18

    Digital Graphic Design Focus


    Total credits required for Digital Graphic Design: 18

    Available lower-level studio art courses:

    Credits / Units: 3

    Available lower-level art history courses

    Available upper-level studio art and art history courses:

    The Music Requirements

    The music requirements of a major in Interdisciplinary Arts with selection of Music as one of two major components are completed with the following courses:

    Two additional 3 credit Music courses

    3 credits of Applied Music lessons and/or Vocal Arts Ensemble

    Total credits required for Music: 18

    Available lower-level music courses:

    The Theater Requirements

    The theater requirements of a major in Interdisciplinary Arts with selection of Theater as one of two major components are completed with the following courses:

    One upper-level theatre course - 3 Credits

    One further elective course in theater, lower or upper level - 3 Credits

    Two Courses from

    Total credits required for Theater: 18

    Available upper-level theater courses:

    The Writing Requirements

    The writing requirements of a major in Interdisciplinary Arts with selection of Writing as one of two major components are completed with the following courses:

    Four writing courses, which can include upper-level course(s) - 12 Credits

    One literature course - 3 Credits

    One upper-level writing course - 3 Credits

    Total credits required for Writing: 18

    Available lower-level writing courses:

    Available upper-level writing courses:

    Please be advised

    Please be advised that some programs or courses of study require that students complete rotations, fieldwork, internships/externships and/or teaching assignments at facilities external to the university, while other programs or courses of study may offer voluntary internships or externships at facilities external to the university. Depending on the program or course, such facilities will or may require a criminal background check, an act 33/34 clearance (if applicable), and perhaps a drug screen to determine participant qualification or eligibility. Additionally, in order to become licensed, many states will inquire as to whether the applicant has been convicted of a misdemeanor, a felony, or a felonious or illegal act associated with alcohol and/or substance abuse.

    Additional Information:

    For more details please view our bulletin.

    Lemintzer, Anna

     Anna Lemnitzer

    Director and Assistant Professor of Art Program, Director of Interdisciplinary Arts Program


    110 Blaisdell Hall

    Ewert Kevin

    Dr. Kevin Ewert

    Director of Theatre Program and Professor of Theatre


    106 Blaisdell Hall

    Groffman, Joshua

     Joshua Groffman

    Assistant Professor of Music


    Blaisdell Hall 115


    Dr. Nancy McCabe

    Director of Writing Program and Professor of Writing


    Swarts 102E