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    Program Contact: Sue Gleason

    Is a two-year degree what you need to capture that next job or promotion?  Perhaps you're a displaced factory worker trying to find your way in a tough job market. Our two-year program in liberal studies has you in mind.

    As a liberal studies major, you'll take courses in a wide variety of areas: History. The arts. Business. Behavioral science like psychology or sociology. Additionally, you'll take some electives that you'll find fun and interesting.

    When you have your associate degree, you are more employable to get the new or better job. You also may be a better choice for promotion. Or, use it as a stepping stone toward a bachelor's degree. You'll be half way there with a liberal studies degree.  

    What you can do with a degree in Liberal Studies. Suggested 2-year plan of study.

    Degree Requirements

    Competencies (12 credits)

    Arts and Letters (9 credits)

    Must include at least one course in literature, and at least one course in the creative, fine, and performing arts

    Literature (GE: Literature) Creative, Fine, and Performing Arts (GE: Arts) Second Languages (GE: Language)

    Behavioral, Economic, and Political Sciences (9 credits)

    Courses must be selected from three different disciplines (e.g., sociology, psychology, political science) representing at least two different categories (e.g., behavioral science, economics, and political science).

    Behavioral Sciences (GE: Behavioral Sciences) Economics (GE: Economics) Political Science (GE: Political Science)

    History, Culture, and Philosophical Inquiry (9 credits)

    Selections must include at least one Non-Western and Global category course.

    History (GE: History) Cultures (GE: Cultures) Philosophical Inquiry (GE: Philosophy)

    Physical, Life, and Computational Sciences (10 credits)

    Selections must include one course in physical sciences and one course in life sciences, one of which must have a lab.

    Physical Sciences (GE: Physical Sciences) Life Sciences (GE: Life Sciences) Computational Sciences (GE: Computational Sciences)

    General Electives (14 credits)

    Choose any four or five courses.

    Total Credits to Graduate: 60 credits

    Additional Information:

    Online and evening courses are available. Students my enroll part-time or full-time.

    These are just some of the positions our recent graduates have.

    • Marketing manager at Todd Hennard Construction Co. in Bradford, PA