For Students

I am in an emergency situation or experiencing a crisis. What should I do?

If you are in an emergency situation and immediate assistance is needed, you should contact Campus Police at 814-368-3211 from any phone or 10333 from a campus phone or go to the emergency room of Bradford Regional Medical Center or the nearest hospital.

How do I get help when the Counseling Center is closed?

After business hours, for any urgent mental health concerns or crises, call Crisis Intervention at The Guidance Center at 814-362-4623 or 1-800-459-6568. Other 24/7 resources include the Crisis Text Line – text HELP to 741.741, and the National Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline – call 988

How do I make an appointment to talk with someone at Counseling Services?

Call Counseling Services at 814-362-5272 between 8:30 – 5:00. When you call seeking support for the first time, you will be asked to provide some basic information and given instructions on completing the electronic registration process. This involves providing your informed consent for telemental health services. This also involves providing basic demographic information and a screening of your concerns. You will be offered the first available appointment that works with your schedule. 

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the delivery of health care services using interactive technologies (audio and visual) between a practitioner and client who are not in the same physical location. Counseling Services uses live video conferencing through the HIPPA-compliant version of Zoom which is embedded in TAO, Therapist Assistance Online. If you haven’t already, you should install Zoom on your computer. Instructions on accessing your secure meeting room will be shared with you by your therapist.

Do you offer in-person sessions?

Yes, we offer in-person sessions and virtual sessions.

What if I don’t have a private space for teletherapy?

Privacy is essential to engaging in counseling. If you don’t have a space where you can talk openly without being overheard, it might be best to schedule an in-person session with the Health and Counseling services suite. 

What if I am not able to access teletherapy services?

If you cannot access telehealth services or are in need of accommodations, please contact us at 814-362-5272 so we can discuss options for connecting you to care.

Am I eligible to receive services at the Counseling Center?

All students enrolled at Pitt-Bradford who are registered for classes and have paid the Wellness Fee are eligible for our services. During the summer, students who are registered for classes at Pitt-Bradford are eligible for services. We do not provide court-mandated assessment or clinical services.

Please note that state laws restrict the provision of telemental health care across state lines. If you are NOT physically in Pennsylvania, please inform your therapist so that the regulations applicable to your situation can be discussed.

Do you do evaluations for accommodations for disabilities?

Counseling Services does not provide disability accommodations or recommendations for accommodations, including emotional support animals. Please visit the Office of Disability Resources for more information about securing academic or residential accommodations.  

What is the cost?

Counseling services are free for all enrolled students who have paid the Wellness Fee.

Is there a session limit?

No, there is not a session limit. 

How often will I see my counselor?

Session's frequency is determined collaboratively by the Counselor and student. Sessions are typically once or twice a month.

Are my Counseling Services records confidential?

Yes. All of our services are confidential. We honor a student’s right to confidentiality, except when specified by law.

What are the exceptions to confidentiality under the law?

Counseling Services honors exceptions to confidentiality as defined by Pennsylvania law:

  • When a person is at risk of immanent harm to self or another person, confidentiality can be breached in order to preserve safety
  • When abuse or neglect of a minor, elderly person or disabled person is suspected, licensed therapists are mandated to report the suspicion
  • When Counseling Services is court-ordered to release records

At all other times, a student must provide informed, signed consent for the release of specific information. 

Will my counseling records be part of my academic records?

No, mental health records are not part of academic records.

Will you tell my parents if I'm coming to the Counseling Center?

Counseling Services can neither confirm nor deny if a student is receiving services, even when well-intentioned third parties inquire. This information can only be shared with a third-party if a student provides written consent to do so, except when specified by law.

Will medication be prescribed?

Counseling Services staff do not prescribe medication. If evaluation for medication is desired, staff will facilitate a referral to a psychiatric provider, either in the Bradford area or near the student’s permanent home.

Can a student receive mental health care services anywhere else besides Counseling Services?

Students are welcome to seek out any care provider they feel is the best fit for their needs. Pitt-Bradford does have an arrangement with The Guidance Center by which an enrolled student can be referred to The Guidance Center after meeting with the Student Counseling Center.  These sessions are a limited number of sessions at no charge, and this may also apply to both psychiatric care and therapy.