Go Beyond NYS Award

  • New York
  • If you are a new incoming student from one of the counties above, you may quality for the Go Beyond NYS Award that enables students to pay the same standard tuition as PA students instead of the higher out-of-state tuition: 

    That's a savings starting at $11,468 a year. 

    To qualify you need to:

    • Live in one of those New York counties
    • Be a new student
    • Be a full-time student 
    • Maintain at least a 2.25 grade point average throughout your four years at Pitt-Bradford. 

    The PA-state tuition rate applies only for eight consecutive Fall and Spring terms (four years) and cannot be used for courses taken during the summer.  You should also be aware of the award terms and conditions

    Many students are already taking advantage of this award.  

    "Being able to come to Pitt-Bradford has allowed me to receive an amazing education for such a low price." -- Joe Crawford of Wellsville, NY, who is majoring in hospitality management 

    "I like that I can receive in-state tuition because it allowed me to attend Pitt-Bradford, which is close to my home. The tuition was much less than the schools I considered in New York, so my student loans will be less when I graduate." -- Sadie D'Angelo of Cassadaga, NY, who is majoring in broadcast communications