• Pre-Pharmacy Student

  • Program Designation: Pre-Professional

    Program Contact: Dr. Francis Mulcahy

    Academic Division: Biological and Health Sciences

    Program Description:

    As a pharmacist, you'll fill prescriptions. You will advise patients on how medicine ought to be taken. Their possible side effects. If that's something that interests you, you'll need to get a doctor of pharmacy degree. Our pre-pharmacy program can get you on your way. 

    While you're here, you will take classes for two years in the pre-pharmacy program. You'll take classes in several areas, including chemistry, calculus, biology and psychology. After you earn 62 credits, you may apply to the University of Pittsburgh's School of Pharmacy, which is a four-year program. 

    Or, you can apply to other pharmacy schools, such as the Pharmacy School at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), with whom we have an affiliation agreement.

    Whatever pharmacy school you decide to apply to, you will need to check that school's specific requirements for pre-pharmacy.

    What you can do with a degree in Pre-Pharmacy.

    Transfer Program Requirements

    Minimum prerequisites include:




    • Humanities - 6 Credits
    • Social Sciences - 6 Credits
    • Humanities or Social Sciences - 6 Credits


    Students may also apply to other schools of pharmacy and should check for their specific prerequisites for pre-pharmacy.

    Pitt-Bradford Affiliation Agreement with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)'s School of Pharmacy:

    If you have successfully completed specific core course requirements on our campus, you may continue your education in pharmacy at LECOM after your third year of undergraduate coursework. In order to be admitted into the first phase of this program at Pitt-Bradford, you must have a minimum SAT (or ACT equivalent) score of 1170 (math and verbal sections), a minimum high school GPA of3.5, and exhibit potential for a successful career in pharmacy. If you are interested in participating in this program, you should contact Dr. Francis Mulcahy at