• Professor

  • Program Contact: Yaich, Lauren

    Academic Division: Biological and Health Sciences

    Program Description:

    Podiatrists take care of people’s feet, ankles and lower legs. Just like other kinds of doctors, they can work in hospitals and clinics. Or they can have their own private practice. If you think you’d like to be a podiatrist, you’ll need to earn a doctor of podiatric medicine degree.  

    But first, you’ll need to complete at least 90 credits on our campus before you can apply to a school of podiatry. However, keep in mind that 95 percent of students accepted to podiatry schools had bachelor’s degree. Most of them had a bachelor’s degree in biology. 

    Each podiatry school may have specific requirements besides the minimum courses required by all of them. So, we advise you to check with the podiatry schools of your choice before completing your bachelor’s degree.

    What you can do with a degree in Pre-Podiatry.

    Program Requirements:

    Minimum prerequisites include:

    Highly recommended electives include BIOL 0212 and 0213 Anatomy and Physiology I and II and BIOL 0222 and 0223 Anatomy and Physiology I Lab and II Lab, BIOL 0202 Microbiology for Allied Health Professions or BIOL 1302 Microbiology, BIOL 1310 Animal Physiology, BIOL 1401 Developmental Biology, and CHEM 1306 Biochemistry.