Panther Pumpkins


Carve a Panther Pumpkin

It's that time of year, carve your pumpkin as instructed below and you will receive a gift for participating!

  1. A set of Inexpensive pumpkin carving tools Is helpful
  2. Select a pattern below and print it out
  3. Draw and cut lid. Clean out pumpkin and scrape down the wall until It Is about 1" thick. Pumpkin carving tools or an Ice cream shovel are helpful for this.
  4. Attach the pattern with tape.
  5. Transfer pattern by poking small holes around the edge
  6. Saw dot-to-dot. Occasionally cut out pieces and remove.

When you're finished, take a photo of your Pitt-Bradford Jack-o-lantern. Post the photo with the hashtag #PantherPumpkins on our Facebook page,, tweet it to us at @PittBradford or tag It on lnstagram with @uPittBradford, and we'll send you a T-shirt. One T-shirt per pumpkin.