Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion was established in 2015 to help build the University into a world-class model of diversity and inclusion defined by inclusive excellence and an environment that allows everyone to thrive.

ODI is committed to maintaining an environment free from harassment and discrimination, fostering diversity and celebrating differences, educating the community on the benefits of diversity, promoting equity, eliminating discrimination, and advancing equal access to all opportunities at the University.

Given the size, complexity, and collegial nature of the University, ODI does not do this alone. The campus community contributes to the University's commitment to diversity and inclusion, through the work of faculty, staff and students at all levels of the University.


The University of Pittsburgh provides many resources to help us achieve our goal of creating a campus environment where everyone is valued, respected and heard.

Policies and Procedures


  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention

    It is the responsibility of the entire campus community to maintain a campus environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. This online training program is available to all faculty and staff to help you identify, avoid, and report wrongful behaviors. The program outlines basic legal considerations relating to employment discrimination and the University’s policies and procedures that prohibit discrimination and harassment. To complete this course, contact Employee Relations at 412-624-4645 for further information.
  • Protecting Children from Abuse
  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention


  • NCAA
    • NCAA staff Niya Blair Hackworth, director of the NCAA’s Office of Inclusion, will provide the training series, “Leading with an Inclusion Mindset.” This ongoing series of trainings, which will help to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in athletics, will be presented to all student-athletes, coaches and staff members in the athletics department.