Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion was established in 2015 to help build the University into a world-class model of diversity and inclusion defined by inclusive excellence and an environment that allows everyone to thrive.

ODI is committed to maintaining an environment free from harassment and discrimination, fostering diversity and celebrating differences, educating the community on the benefits of diversity, promoting equity, eliminating discrimination, and advancing equal access to all opportunities at the University. 

Given the size, complexity, and collegial nature of the University, ODI does not do this alone. The campus community contributes to the University's commitment to diversity and inclusion, through the work of faculty, staff and students at all levels of the University.

Reports of bias and Title IX incidents enable the University to promptly respond to incidents and provide access to resources and support. Examples of bias and Title IX include, but are not limited to:

  • Harassment and/or discrimination
  • Hate crimes
  • Accessibility barriers, including digital/technology barriers
  • Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, stalking and relationship/sexual violence
  • Retaliation 


If you have experienced, witnessed, or have information about an incident at Pitt-Bradford you can report the information by contacting your Resident Advisor, a Resident Director,  Campus Police, the Title IX Office, or submitting through the Pitt Concern Connection.   If you are concerned about the immediate health and safety of yourself or someone else please call 911.


If you have questions regarding Title IX and bias incidents, please contact the Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Tasha Alston, who also can answer questions or concerns related to any of the information below:

Policies and Procedures




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Tasha Alston

Alston, Tasha

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Phone: 814-362-5033

Location: 202 Frame-Westerberg Commons