Engineering Program Testimonials

Brianna Pinckney

Brianna Pinckney ’10-’12, director of business development for Target Building Construction Inc. – "The best advantage to going to Pitt-Bradford was the attention that I got from professors. To have a smaller class when you’re going into a demanding field really set me up for success. The pace was a little slower so that I could understand the basics. I was very fortunate that I had a smaller class size and a really dedicated professor. That extra time, those extra reps to really understand the fundamentals gave me confidence."

Natalie Foster ’15-’17, who is studying patent law at the University of Kentucky – “I wanted something like Pitt-Bradford. I wanted a school that was intimate where I felt like I could get to know my professors and they could get to know me. As a freshman engineering student, I didn’t want to feel like my professor was looking into a class of 400, and Pitt-Bradford really gave me that. My professors knew all of us by name. Once I made it to Pitt-Bradford, everyone was there to help me succeed.”

Natalie Foster