Major and Career Exploration

Our Academic Advising Center specializes in helping students who are undecided about what major is right for them. Through personalized advising, special programs, and online tools, you are guided through the selection process. From exploring majors, to discovering your interests and strengths, to selection of a career and a major that is right for you, the Academic Advising Center is here.

The center has created the Pitt Panther Paw – “Pursuit of the Y” program to assist student in finding their career path which allows them to focus on a major. The program consists of online assessments, understanding who “you” are, what environment you want to work in, what your passions are and more. This is a student lead program in which the advisor assists in guiding the process. The student must oversee the process and flow of information to make the best decision on career path.

Explore yourself – your interest, what you like, what you don’t like, what others find interesting about you and more.

Online Assessment & Inventory Tools:

Kuder Journey – Is a University of Pittsburgh online assessment tool designed to help you assess your career interests and options.

CliftonStrengths Assessment – Students will learn about their innate capabilities and talents. They learn how to develop and build on these capabilities. 

CareerOneStop – Is an online resource sponsored by the US Department of Labor that explores various career paths, training, and assessment.

PA Career Zone – Through the PA Department of Education by Headed2, this resource provides exploration, assessment, an online career tracking account, and more.

Truity – Free online resources with five personality assessments, the Myers Briggs Types, Enneagram types.

VIA Character Strengths – VIA Institute of Character (24-character strengths) this assessment provides your character strengths. It provides meaning to each strength and resources on how to develop these.