Strategic Plan

Pitt-Bradford has been well-served by decades of clear strategic planning that guided the growth of the campus, the development of academic programs, the advancement of technology, the enhancement of the image and reputation, and an increase in public and private support for the university.

View the most recent plan for 2015-2020.

The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) meets regularly to discuss and prioritize strategic initiatives and adheres to a timeline.

Faculty and staff are invited to submit initiatives consistent with the overall strategic directions of Pitt-Bradford to the Planning and Budgeting Committee for consideration. The Planning and Budgeting Committee will consider the initiative and upon a majority vote, recommend the initiative to the President who has discretion for any new initiatives added to the strategic plan.


Founded in 1963 as a regional campus of the University of Pittsburgh and set in the heart of the scenic Alleghenies, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford provides affordable access to a distinguished four-year higher education. Pitt-Bradford offers high quality teaching supported by the resources of a world-class research university in a friendly, inclusive and student-focused academic environment. In service to our region and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pitt-Bradford connects communities to new ideas, innovative research and exciting arts and cultural programming, partnering with key stakeholders to build opportunities for continued regional development and growth.


Pitt-Bradford will strengthen our presence as the college of choice in the Upper Allegheny region, achieving distinction through the diversity of our high-quality academic programs, the broad expertise of our faculty and staff, and the inclusive, supportive campus-life experience we provide to our students.

Pitt-Bradford will become a model for innovative, experiential baccalaureate education, empowering our students to become life-long learners and creative, critical thinkers prepared to lead purposeful lives and to serve their communities.

Pitt-Bradford will foster environmental sustainability, providing leadership and inspiring partnerships in new economic and regional development.


Pitt-Bradford is committed to:

  • Equality of opportunity, human dignity and diversity
  • Intellectual freedom and curiosity
  • Individual responsibility and mutual respect
  • Environmental and economic stability
  • Leadership and service to our local and global communities