President’s Cabinet

President Catherine Koverola

Meet our president

Dr. Catherine Koverola is Pitt-Bradford’s fourth president. She is committed to ensuring we all provide a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment where students receive the preparation they need to become global citizens.

President's Cabinet Members

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Tasha Alston

Alston, Tasha

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Phone: 814-362-5033

Location: 202 Frame-Westerberg Commons

James Baldwin

Baldwin, James

Vice President of Enrollment Management

Office of Enrollment Management


Phone: 814-362-7602

Location: 121 Hangar Building

Bret Butler

Butler, Bret

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation

Athletics and Recreational Sports


Phone: 814-362-5093

Location: 111 Sport and Fitness Center

Pat Frantz Cercone

Cercone, Pat Frantz

Executive Director of Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing


Phone: 814-362-7505

Location: 231 Hanley Library

Christy Clark

Clark, Christy

Executive Director of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships

Office of the President

Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement


Phone: 814-362-5121

Location: 244 Hanley Library

Richard Esch

Esch, Richard

Vice President, Business Affairs

Business and Administrative Affairs


Phone: 814-362-0992

Location: 116 Hangar Building

David Fitz

Fitz, David

Vice President of Institutional Integration and Community Engagement

Presidents Cabinet


Phone: 814-362-5119

Location: 236 Marilyn Horne Hall

Bill Shafer

Schafer, William

Interim Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs

Student Affairs


Phone: 814-362-7651

Location: 221 Frame-Westerberg Commons

Emily Williams

Williams, Emily

Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs


Phone: 814-362-7510

Location: 232B Swarts Hall