Alumni Profiles

Aleah Busbey

Aleah Busbey '20

Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from Palmer, Alaska
Graduate student in the Master of Management in Hospitality Administration program at Boston University

Alexa Holleran at UPMC McKeesport

Alexa Holleran ’18

Bachelor’s degree in psychology
Mental health specialist at UPMC McKeesport

Alexis DeFelippo

Alexis DeFelippo ’15-’17

Engineering degree through partnership with Pittsburgh campus
Lab specialist with BASF

Antonell Robinson

Antonell Robinson ‘20

Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Philadelphia
Graduate student in the Master of Science in mental health counseling program at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Bethany Schumann at commencement

Bethany Schumann ’19

Bachelor’s degree in sociology
Graduate student in the Master of Social Work program at Edinboro University

Brianna Payne holding Zippo cup

Brianna Payne ’17

A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management
Social media strategist for Zippo Manufacturing Co.

Brianna Pinckney

Brianna Pinckney ’10-‘12

Engineering degree through partnership with Pittsburgh campus
Director of business development for Target Building Construction

Clayton Johnson at Football Stadium

Clayton Johnson ’16

Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice
U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division Officer assigned to The White House

Delaney Held in front of bridge

Delaney Held ’16

Bachelor’s degree in public relations
Content Marketing Lead for Brunner, a marketing agency in Pittsburgh

Doug Elliot at Bayer

Doug Elliot '17

Bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and technology
IT analyst at Bayer Pharmaceuticals in Pittsburgh.