Faculty and Staff Directory

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Wadlow, Dianna

Adjunct Instructor of Sociology

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences


Phone: 716-307-0872

Y. Ken Wang

Wang, Ken

Director of Computer Information Systems and Technology Program

Division of Management and Education


Phone: 814-362-5142

Location: 157 Swarts Hall

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Ward, Michael

Campus Police Officer

Campus Police and Safety

Phone: 814-362-7506

Location: Campus Police Building

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Ware, David

Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics

Division of Physical and Computational Sciences


Phone: 814-362-7575

Location: 103 Fisher Hall

Joelle Warner

Warner, Joelle

Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship

Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement


Phone: 814-362-5104

Location: 229 Hanley Library

Kimberly Weinberg

Weinberg, Kimberly

Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing

Communications and Marketing


Phone: 814-362-0248

Location: 154 Hanley Library

Dawna Wensel

Wensel, Dawna

Director of Criminal Justice Program

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences


Phone: 814-362-7512

Location: 233C Swarts Hall

Nathan Whitehurst

Whitehurst, Nathan

Men's Soccer Head Coach

Athletics and Recreational Sports


Phone: 814-362-7537

Location: Sport & Fitness Center

Shelley Whitman

Whitman, Shelley

Administrative Assistant

Division of Communication and the Arts


Phone: 814-362-7590

Location: 103 Blaisdell Hall

Steven Williams

Williams, Steven

Senior Accountant

Business and Administrative Affairs


Phone: 814-362-0917

Location: 118 Hangar Building

Jakub Wojcik

Wojcik, Jakub

Campus Physician

Health Services

Phone: 814-368-7000

Location: 6 North Center Street, Bradford, PA 16701

Angela Wolfe

Wolfe, Angela

Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Experiential Learning

Student Affairs


Phone: 814-362-7650

Location: 224 Frame-Westerberg Commons

Deb Woodley

Woodley, Deborah

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Financial Aid


Phone: 814-362-7550

Location: 107 Hangar Building