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Student Care & Conduct

At Pitt-Bradford, we take care of each other. We keep each other healthy, protected, and free from self-harm. Are you worried about a student? Did you see something questionable? Did you experience discrimination or do you need to report sexual misconduct? Please tell someone!

For questions or more information contact Kara Kennedy, Director of Student Care and Conduct, at or 814-362-5057.

Student HandbookResidential HandbookCode of Conduct

Has a crime been committed?
For emergencies and crimes,
call Campus Police at 814-368-3211.

If you see something, say something – help us keep the whole campus safe by reporting things that make you feel uncomfortable, suspicious, or concerned.

Student Conduct

Witnessing actions that violate school policy?

  • inappropriate behavior
  • theft and vandalism


Health & Safety

Observing non-compliance with Pitt’s health/safety guidelines?

  • public health concerns
  • COVID-related issues



Worried about the well-being of a student?

  • behavior changes
  • threats of self-harm


Bias/Title IX

To report incidents involving:

  • bias/discrimination
  • Title IX issues (including sexual misconduct)

An on campus resource is available here or you can use the link below to file a report.


Academic Alert

Believe a student may need academic support?

  • classroom behavior/attendance issues
  • skill development concerns

Report academic support issues

Not sure which form to use? No problem. Pick the one that closest fits your situation and we'll make sure it gets to the right people.


Student Complaint Process

One of our goals is that students are satisfied with the education and services received at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. If you do have a concern about any aspect of your experience - services received, quality of instruction, interaction with faculty/staff - you may follow our complaint process to seek resolution or be heard.

The first step should be to try to resolve the issue informally. If your complaint is about an instructor or specific staff member at the University, we encourage you to contact them directly. You can use the Faculty and Staff  Directory to find their contact information. Many issues can be resolved with a simple meeting, phone call or email. 

If your attempts to resolve the issue informally (and at any time during the process) have failed, you may submit your concern to the Pitt Concern Connection. Concerns received via Pitt Concern Connection are reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate University officials for investigation and response.


Kara Kennedy

Kennedy, Kara

Director of Student Care and Conduct

Student Affairs


Phone: 814-362-5057

Location: 222 Frame-Westerberg Commons

Sofia Brien

Bednez, Sofia

Director of Human Resources and Title IX liaison

Human Resources


Phone: 814-362-0251

Location: 106 Control Tower Building