Academic Coaching & Tutoring Center

Do you want to enhance your in-class learning? Would you prefer to study smarter not harder? Do you wish you took better notes? The Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center (ACTC) can help you with your Academic enhancement journey. The ACTC is open to all students..

The ACTC provides:

  • Individual tutoring, drop-in sessions, and review sessions
    • You can receive tutoring from a fellow student who excelled in the course(s) you are requesting.
    • Peer tutors help fellow students develop the skills they need to succeed as independent learners. They model effective strategies and methods for approaching challenging course material.
    • Make a tutoring appointment through the Student Navigate App.
  • Academic coaching and workshops
    • We will get to know your learning styles, study habits, and difficulties so we can help you succeed.
    • We will also assist you in enhancing your academic skills and help you build your confidence and connect you to valuable resources.
    • You will learn motivation, discipline, transition, communication, study and test-taking strategies, and time and energy management.
    • Make an academic coaching appointment through the Student Navigate App.

The ACTC Remote

The ACTC is located on the 2nd Floor of the Hanley Library. However, during this time, we are primarily connecting with students virtually. We will continue to offer tutoring, academic coaching, and online workshops throughout the semester. Our peer tutors and staff are here to help!


Students can continue to schedule tutoring and coaching appointments through the Navigate Student App. All remote tutoring is offered via 1 hour one-on-one sessions.

  • Make sure you note the day and time of your tutoring appointment (When you make an appointment, an email confirmation will be sent to you). All tutoring appointments scheduled in Student Navigate are in Eastern Standard Time, if you are located in a different time zone please note the difference.
  • Be ready early so you don’t waste valuable time with your tutor on set-up or technical issues.
  • Turn off interruptions, log out of other sites/apps that might distract you while working with your tutor.
  • The appointment will be virtual, so please find a location to work with your tutor so you can hear each other clearly and you have limited distractions.
  • Provide as much information to your tutor as possible. You can share screens so you can both be looking at the same material. Have those files ready before your session if you would like to reference them with your tutor. We also highly encourage you to complete the ACTC Tutoring Appt Prep Form prior to your appointment. This form will help you prepare for your appointment and could enhance your studying after your appointment.

Academic Resources


Below you will find best practices handouts and a few worksheets to enhance your understanding of topics/courses. These worksheets and handouts have been created by the ACTC Peer Tutors. If you would like to work with a peer tutor after working on a certain worksheet, please set up a tutoring appointment on Student Navigate. (Directions Here)

Become a Peer Tutor

Peer Tutors at Pitt-Bradford are leaders and role-models. They serve the Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center by providing their peers tutoring in subjects they excel in. Tutors are not the experts and do not replace time in the classroom or faculty office hours. Tutors engage students in discussions that help students clarify problems, help with test-prep, study strategies, time-management, and offer a variety of strategies to maintain academic success.


Peer tutors have a strong academic record with a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 and a B+ or higher in the courses they tutor. They need two (2) positive faculty reference forms. Peer tutors need effective interpersonal and communication skills, including a positive attitude, empathy, patience, and a strong commitment to helping students succeed academically.


Peer tutors receive valuable leadership experience in providing academic experience to their peers. They are also able to enhance their own subject knowledge and build a relationship with their professors. Peer tutors are trained and certified through the International College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). We encourage our peer tutors to go beyond the required basic level of training to complete the advanced and master levels through the CRLA program.


To apply to be a peer tutor, please look at Talent Center,, and see if there are any open positions or contact the coordinator of the ACTC.

Pitt-Bradford also offers academic support services specific to writing in the Writing Center and mathematics in the Math Center.

Our Staff:

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Jean Barnard

Barnard, Jean

Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center Coordinator

Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center


Phone: 814-362-7674

Location: 224B Hanley Library

Stacey Colosimo

Colosimo, Stacey

Office Administrator

Academic Advising Center

Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center

Disability Resources and Services


Phone: 814-362-7533

Location: 218 Hanley Library