Admissions Requirements


Pitt-Bradford is SAT/ACT test-optional for new freshman students entering in the fall of 2023. Transfer students are exempt from SAT/ACT test scores. 

Students applying for the fall of 2023, the decision to include SAT or ACT scores in the application process is up to the student. The Pitt-Bradford application process is test optional (SAT/ACT) for new students.  If you wish – you can submit your SAT/ACT test scores for review, however only test scores that benefit a student will factor into our decision-making process. 


Pitt Bradford bases its admissions decision on the whole applicant.  The most important factor that we have found is your high school grade point average.  That gives us three years of your work to consider, rather than a few hours on a test. SAT and ACT test scores are secondary considerations.  We like to see a high school rank, if available, and other information that you can provide to us like a personal statement or letters of recommendation.   The average GPA for our incoming class in the Fall of 2019 was 3.30, the average SAT was 1061, and the average ACT was 21.

To be eligible for admission, you must complete 15 high school units, including the requirements listed below. (A unit refers to one year of study in high school.) We encourage you to complete as many college preparatory courses as possible.

Admission Requirements for all majors - except nursing, engineering and mathematics:

A minimum of 15 units in college preparatory courses, taken in grades 9 through 12 including:


Subject Units Req. Units Preferred
Algebra 1 unit  
English 4 units  
Plane geometry 1 unit  
History 1 unit  
Foreign language   2 units (Same language)
Laboratory science 1 unit 2 units
Academic electives 5 units  


Admission Requirements for Associate Degree Nursing Program: You must place in the top two-fifths of your graduating class and have a minimum combined SAT score of 1025 (math and critical reading: old test) or 1110 (math and critical reading: new test) or a minimum composite ACT score of 22.

English 4 units
Mathematics 2 units (1 in algebra)
Social science 3 units
Biology with lab 1 unit
Chemistry with lab 1 unit
Academic electives 5 units
Total required: 16 units


Admission Requirements for Engineering and Mathematics Majors:

English 4 units
Algebra 2 units
Plane geometry 1 unit
Trigonometry 0.5 unit
History 1 unit
Chemistry 1 unit
Physics 1 unit
Academic electives 4.5 units
Total required: 15 units