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We have great resources on campus. But in order to get connected, you need to have an account with a user name and password. This will allow you to have an email account and access our wireless network.

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Accounts - The key to your best experience on campus.

Wireless PittNet- Set up your wireless devices so you can stay connected anywhere on campus.

Guest WiFi - Setup WiFi access for guests on campus.

MyPitt - Your one-stop source for access to your online University services & resources (grades, schedules, online registration)

ResNet - Get connected properly from your residence hall.

Directory Services - Find a faculty or staff member.

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Request Technical Support from CTM to report a problem or make a request for hardware, software, media services, telephone, ResNET, wireless, reserving a computing lab, distribution lists, or asking a question.

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Report a Problem to Facilities Management


Facilities & Hours

Calc Location Hours Phone #
Fisher 113 & 110 Fisher Hall Open when building is open see facilities hours. 814-362-7661
Swarts 106 & 236 Swarts Hall Open when building is open see facilities hours. 814-362-7558
Hanley Library First Floor Open when building is open see Library Hours 814-362-7610
Sport and Fitness Center 158 Sport and Fitness Center Open when building is open see facilities hours. N/A

Distance Learning Room

Each Distance Education Room allows students at any Pitt campus, the opportunity to attend certain off-campus classes which they would not normally be able to attend. Professors teach the class at one site, while students at another site can interact as if they were in the same class.

Room setups include:

A technician operates cameras from a station in the back of the room. A camera located in the back of the room displays the professor, while a camera in the front of the room to displays the students. Overhead microphones allow students to participate in discussions without the need to press a button or be hooked up to a microphone.

A projector provides a duplicated view of the professors computer, along with two 35 inch or bigger monitors to display the far site instructor and students, and provide the Bradford students a look at themselves. A multimedia station, computer and DVD player are available to record class sessions, or to play videos during class.

  • Fisher 107: 138 Seats (Padded theater chairs and collapsible trays.)
  • Swarts 162: 77 Seats (Padded chairs and tables with power and internet outlets.)
  • Swarts 237: 37 Seats (Padded chairs and tables.)

  Reservations of the Distance Education Room can be made here, or by calling 814-362-7660.

Multimedia Classrooms

  • All classrooms are equipped with:

    • Internet Access
    • Computer With DVD Player
    • Multimedia Station
    • Projector
    • Audio System

Reserve a Computing Lab


For Windows Users:

  1. To get started, you must download and install the printer drivers for each building’s printer. These installation driver files are contained in a zipped installer file named for each building. Click on each link for the building listed.
    NOTE: First time users will need to print once from a CALC computer so that your print account can be created.
  2. To extract the files that are in the Zip file to a folder on the desktop, do the following: Double click on the file that you downloaded to open a window that looks much like a regular file folder. Look around that window for “Extract all files” or “Extract” – something like that. Click on it. It will ask you where you want to extract them. Hit “Browse” and select your desktop.
  3. Based on your system type, 32 bit or 64 bit, install the appropriate printer drivers using the appropriate file you just downloaded.

For Macs (macbooks) Users:

Mac users wishing to print to the wireless printers will need the Popup software package and a special configuration for each given printer. As this process is somewhat involved, we ask that you stop in to CTM Services (269 Duke Hall) and we will assist you in getting this properly configured.



AT&T and Verizon Wireless have placed cellular sites on campus. We have excellent cellular reception for AT&T and Verizon customers within all areas on campus.


Yes. Pitt-Bradford operates a ResNet program offering each resident student a network port within the residence halls. If you choose to plug your computer into the network, you will need at least a 10/100 Mbps twisted pair network card (standard on most modern computer) and a 25 foot CAT 5e (or better) network cable. ResNet is also available via a wireless connection throughout all the dorms.


Yes. We have wireless capability throughout the entire campus. Using your Pitt username and password, getting connected is a breeze.


When you are admitted into a program at Pitt-Bradford an e-mail will be sent to the personal e-mail address you provided in the admissions information with instructions on activating your account and obtaining your logon ID and password. If you do not see this e-mail, check your spam or junk e-mail folders. Otherwise, you will need to call the University's Help Desk at 412-624-HELP(4357).


CTM Services assists students with general computing problems on a free, first-come, first-serve basis. We do not stock or sell replacement parts. If we find a hardware problem the student is responsible for acquiring the replacement part from an outside vendor. We may request proof of ownership for software installations. Due to the number of very dynamic issues our office deals with we are often unable to accurately indicate how long it may take to fix a problem

  • Virus/Spyware removal
  • OS Upgrades/Installs
  • Software Installs
  • Hardware Maintenance and Upgrades (user's must pay for replacement hardware)
  • Other computer related issues

No. But, it can be changed. You will need to call the University's helpdesk at 412-624-HELP(4357).


Yes. The University offers computer discounts through the following vendors:

  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Apple

It is recommended that you check each vendor's current incentives to make sure they do not exceed the University's discount rate Visit for more details.


From within your favorite web browser, go to After you login to this page you will see an option named “Change account password.” Click on this item to change your account password. If you can't remember your password, you will need to call the University's helpdesk at 412-624-4357.


Yes. Go to You will need to login with your Pitt username and password. From this site you can access class schedule, grades, eBill and payment information. Select “My Communities,” then “Student Services.”


Yes. Go to . You can pay your bill or grant permission for parents, guardians, or others to view and/or pay your bill. You also have an option to pay your account with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Avoid waiting in line to pay your bill and pay by mail or over the web!


Multifactor authentication, provided by Duo Security, adds another layer of security to your online accounts when using Pitt Passport by requiring two “factors” to verify your identity when you log in to a service: something you know (such as your password) and something only you have (such as your mobile phone, on which you will receive a login confirmation notice).

New users are directed to a “Start Setup” process upon first login to Pitt Passport.


Device options: Smartphone, Tablet, Cell Phone, Landline Phone, Hardware Token (FOB)

Authentication options:

Send me a Push: (Smartphone or Tablet)

Install the Duo Mobile App from the Pitt App Store, Google Play (Android devices), the Apple Store (iOS devices), or the Microsoft Store (Windows devices).

Call Me: (Any Phone)

Answer call and press 1

Enter a Passcode: (Smartphone, Tablet, Cell Phone, or Hardware Token)

Enter passcode that is generated from Duo Mobile App, a text message, or a hardware token.


For instructions, click the link and scroll down to Step 2.

  1. Login to My Pitt at
  2. Click on the Profile button on the top right.
  3. Click on the Manage Your Account button in the middle.
  4. Click the Login & Security drop down at the top.
  5. Click Add/Manage Pitt Passport Devices and complete the steps.

You can request a hardware token (a physical device that generates a passcode when you press a button).

See CTM services in room 269 Duke Hall

When on campus and/or using our services, it is your responsibility to comply with the University Policies and Regulations relating to security.

Our Staff:

Directory View
Robert Ellison

Ellison, Robert

Systems Architect

Computing Telecommunications and Media Services

Division of Management and Education


Phone: 814-362-7666

Location: 257 Duke Building

Steven Ellison

Ellison, Steven

Systems Analyst

Computing Telecommunications and Media Services


Phone: 814-362-7556

Location: 256 Duke Building

Alan Hancock

Hancock, Alan

Technical Analyst II

Computing Telecommunications and Media Services


Phone: 814-362-7579

Location: 254 Duke Building

William Kline

Kline, William

Director of CTM Services

Computing Telecommunications and Media Services


Phone: 814-362-7667

Location: 252 Duke Building

No Photo

Miller, Gregory W.

Network and Media Systems Analyst

Computing Telecommunications and Media Services


Phone: 814-362-7664

Location: 258 Duke Building

Jaime Sweet Taylor

Sweet-Taylor, Jaime

Coordinator of User Services

Computing Telecommunications and Media Services


Phone: 814-362-7660

Location: 253 Duke Building

Megan Uscinski

Uscinski, Megan

Technical Analyst II

Computing Telecommunications and Media Services


Phone: 814-362-5097

Location: 255 Duke Building