Your Student Account

  • ELECTRONIC BILLS (eBills) have replaced all paper bills.

    FAQs for eBills

    You can pay your balance in full or you can elect to participate in the payment plan option.

    Making Payments

    You may make your payment by mail, via the web through Pitt Pay by accessing, or in person in the Enrollment Services Office.

    Payment by Credit Card

    • The University will not accept credit card payments directly for payment of tuition, fees, room and board which appear on the student billing statement. Credit card payments will be able to be made only through PittPAY, and will be processed by the vendor.
    • You will be charged a service fee of 2.75% by the vendor for this service.
    • Visa, Discover Card, and MasterCard will be accepted when payment is made through PittPAY.
    • Credit card payments cannot be made by mail, phone, or in person.

    eCheck Payments

    You can make eCheck payments by phone by calling (814) 362-7602 or online through your PittPAY account. You will not be charged a fee if you pay by eCheck whether over the phone or online.

    Third Party (Sponsored) Billings

    When you have a non-University sponsor who is paying part or all of your term charges, you can have your sponsor billed directly by the University. You must bring or mail your current statement to the Enrollment Services on or before the due date. If a current authorization letter from your sponsor detailing the terms of the sponsorship is not already on file, you must bring or mail one in with your statement. Any charges not paid by the sponsor are your responsibility.

    Late Payments

    Your balance is due by the due date listed for the semester unless you have enrolled in a payment plan. If you fail to pay your statement or the designated Payment Plan amount by the due date, you will be charged a late payment fee and a hold is applied to your record.

    Financial Holds

    A financial hold will be placed on your account thirty days after the due date on a statement, if your account remains unpaid, you are not participating in the Payment Plan, or you do not have a valid deferral.

    A financial hold will prevent you from receiving or having access to your academic records, transcripts, diplomas or certification of enrollment services, and will deny future registrations. When you have paid your account in full, your financial hold will be automatically released.