Study Abroad

Gianna Granito Slideshow
Gianna Granito, a criminal justice major, studied comparative justice in Ireland
Matthew Mohacey Slideshow
Matthew Mohacey, a chemistry major, traveled to Japan
Renee Taylor Slideshow
Renee Taylor, a nursing major, spent three weeks in South Africa
Stephanie Wohlers Slideshow
Stephanie Wohlers, a double major in environmental studies and biology, traveled to New Zealand and Australia
Olivia Allgeier Slideshow
Olivia Allgeier, a radiological science major, studied health care in Austria
Antonell Robinson Slideshow
Antonell Robinson, a psychology major, traveled to Denmark to study cross-cultural psychology

You can study in one of 75 countries through the Pitt Study Abroad program. Choose to study abroad during the summer term, fall semester, spring semester or during a full academic year. Whether you want to spend two weeks or two semesters abroad, our team is here to help you make study abroad a part of your Pitt-Bradford experience.

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Learn more about the program and how to get prepared to study abroad.